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Level 3

Upgrade creation failed after removing some components


I have created basic MSI project. Fro this I am creating patch using standard patch. For this I am trying to create new build. I create an AutoUpgrade by giving orignal .msi file.
In this, I have added some new components and delete some of orignal components and replace some. While building project, it gives error.
error Val0001 : The file (filename) appears to have been removed from the setup, but does not appear in the RemoveFile table. This file will not be removed from the target machine when an upgrade is run unless the RemoveFile table has been authored.

So please guide me to sort out this issue
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Level 17

It sounds like the automatic upgrade item created a minor upgrade. The following help topics explain how to resolve this validator:
Configuring Minor Upgrades to Remove Installed Data

However, you mentioned that you deleted some components in your project for the patch. A minor-upgrade patch cannot delete components, as shown in the following help topic:
Major Upgrade vs. Minor Upgrade vs. Small Update

Thus, if you want to delete components in an upgrade, you'd need to switch your automatic upgrade item in the Upgrades view to a major upgrade item:
Converting Automatic Upgrades to Major or Minor Upgrades
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