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Upgrade and reinstall related question for InstallScript MSI project

Hi all,
Our project is InstallScript MSI based and builds into a setup.exe.

We had release 1.0.
Now we build release 1.1.

This is what we observe:

We have version 1.0 installed.
Now when installing version 1.1 it is considered a minor upgrade. Hence not all the files are getting installed.
Also, PostInstall tasks, etc.. are not getting called and no product configuration is taking place.

I see that if we change the Product Code then it is considered a major upgrade. And in this case
version 1.0 will stay in place and version 1.1 will be installed and they co-exist, which is not what we want.

What we want is that if version 1.0 is installed and then if someone runs setup.exe to
install version 1.1 then we want version 1.0 to be uninstalled and then 1.1 to be installed and we want
to display this in a dialog that tells the user that 1.0 will be removed completely and 1.1 will be installed.

How can we achieve this?
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Level 7

okay, I looked into this more.

With Major upgrade you are required to change the product code(GUID).
Then you can either:
1) Do nothing else and both previous version and new version can co-exist.
2) Create either an automatic upgrade item or a major upgrade item and specify the versions
to upgrade and this will cause the older version to be deinstalled and newer version to be installed.

We would like to have the old version deinstalled and new one installed. However, we do not want to
change the product code that is required here for Major Upgrade.

Can someone advise is this is possible and if so how to do so?
How are some of you other folks handling this type of situation where when running setup.exe of
the new version you want to uninstall existing older version and then install the new version.
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