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Update not installing the new files

I'm having a problem with a small update. My installer has a new & higher version number, and all the files I'm trying to replace have higher version numbers, yet they don't get copied over the existing files.

The installer knows it's doing an update:
PROPERTY CHANGE: Modifying REINSTALLMODE property. Its current value is 'omus'. Its new value: 'vomus'.
PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding IS_MINOR_UPGRADE property. Its value is '1'.

But every component has a line like this:
Component: Uniservice.exe; Installed: Local; Request: Null; Action: Null

and no new files get copied to the system.
I don't understand what else to do. Why is it ignoring all my newer files?
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Look at the Feature installation state in the log file. You may find this article useful ->

I hope this helps.
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