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Update install script from version 2014 to 2020


we have install script projects that was created with InstallShield pro 2014.

I try to update it and rebuild it using InstallShield 2020 R3 and it seems to be working fine but i have 1 issue:

during an update of the product (lets say version 1 that was created with install shield 2014 installed and now the user will get a new version of the product that created with install Shield 2020) there is an error message (attached) click on ok just close the message and after the setup is been completed all works fine.

The way i update our install scripts projects just by opening the existing projects that was created with install shield 2014 with install shield 2020 and that's it...


why is this message appear and how can i fix it?


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Level 4

our QA just told me its happening on clean install and on update.
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