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Uninstallation completion prompt


(I am new to installshied)
I have created shortcut for uninstalling my application with command line parameters as msiexec.exe /x {Productcode}.
While executing this command, progress bar is displayed and it uninstalled my application but it didn't display any prompt/dialog saying that application is successfully uninstalled.
So Is there any way to display this prompt after finishing uninstallation?

Is this the right way of doing uninstall through shortcut?

I am using Installsheild 2012 professional version.

Any hints would be of a great help.

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Level 7

If you type msiexec.exe /help into the run get all the command options associatiate with msiexec.exe.

There are quite a few display options:
/qn (no UI)
/qb (basic UI)
/qr (Reduced UI)
/qf (Full UI)

Try the /qf and see if that will display the message you're looking for.
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