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Uninstall from Non Admin mode

hi frenz,

I prepared an MSI using Installshield 2010.
It is a "Basic MSI" project.

Problem: i wanted to install and uninstall my MSI in non admin account in Windows XP Pro SP3.

i have set the "group policy" settings.

Now i am able to install my MSI Successfully. but uninstalling the MSI has problems.
1. it does not remove the firewall exceptions added by the installer
2. it does not uninstall the services created by the installer
3.registry entries created by the installer is not removed.

it just uninstalls the files and folders placed by the installer and it removes the Add/Remove programs entry????

Could someone help me on this????
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Re: Uninstall from Non Admin mode

registry entries under HK_Local_Machine may have problem being removed by anyone that is not in an admin role.

Services will sometimes stay behind until the machine is rebooted. What account is the service running under? if it is a system level account a non admin user may not have all the permissions needed to stop and remove it.

Remember in windows there are multiple levels of permissions. you would need to make sure the account it is being uninstalled under has the permissions to modify and or delete as well as the read/write permissions.
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