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Uninstall does not remove windows services


I have InstallShield 2010 Install Script MSI project that installs a few Windows services. Installation works OK. But when I uninstall the program all services and associated files left behind. Each component Permanent property set to No. In Components/Services/ServiceName I have settings in Control Settings/Operation Time Uninstall Stop - Yes and Uninstall Delete - Yes.
Is there anything else that I am missing to enable uninstallation of services?

Thank you.
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Flexera Alumni

What you've described sounds right; perhaps create an MSI log file to see if/why the service's component isn't being removed?
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Level 2

I'm having this exact same issue - did you ever work out how to solve it?

I'm trying to stop using a ServiceInstaller .NET class to install/uninstall the service and use the 'approved' method by having an 'UninstallDelete' action in Advanced Settings->Services.
I have other actions for InstallStart, InstallStop, UninstallStop which all work fine but 'UninstallDelete' refuses to work :mad:
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I my case I was replacing service files (recompiled) between installation and uninstallation.
If file is not original InstallShield refuses to uninstall associated service.
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