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Unable to start Installshield Express 2012

I'm experiencing a major problem with Installshield Express 2012 Spring.
I'm unable to start Installshield anymore.
I get the error "An error occurred loading sccrun.dll" (???!?!?) over the splash screen.
My operating system is Windows 7 home edition.
I tried many times (re)registering scrrun.dll from the cmd prompt. Still get the error.
I re-installed the complete distribution of Installshield Express 2012.
I installed all latest service packs for Windows AND Installshield Express 2012 (service pack 1).
I checked Windows for malwares, viruses and did a SFC (System File Checker).
I did everything it’s possible to do except a complete repair of Windows 7.
I have no idea… I spent hours on the internet to get a solution…
I didn’t use Intallshield since 6 months and now I need it because I have a major release to do.
Any hints or ideas would be appreciated…
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

This kb article contains some possible causes for InstallShield IDE issues and mentions a few troubleshooting steps you hadn't mentioned (such as disabling antivirus and launching InstallShield from a new admin account):

I hope this helps!
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