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Level 2

Unable to change 'Setup status' label in Progress Dialog

- Installscript MSI project
- Custom skin, based on 'blue' theme
- Standard text color : black
- background color: dark-purple

In the installation progress dialog (the one with the progress bar), in the top area of the window is a label with the text 'Setup status' (well, in dutch). I want to be able to manipulate this label in one of the following ways:
- Remove it (preferred)
- Change the color
- Place another label with empty text over it, so it is hidden

The progress dialog is not present in the list of dialogs wich can be changed in installshield, and I can't find a way to manipulate this label in Installscript.

Any ideas, anyone?
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Level 6

I have essentially this same problem. I need to translate "Setup Status" in this dialog, but do not have access to change the dialog as far as I know.

Plus, because I'm translating this dialog to Arabic it needs to be RTL and Installshield is not in the correct location near the bottom.
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Level 8

Did you try using SetStatusExStaticText("your text") just before OnFirstUIBefore() ends.
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Level 6

That's the wrong string. There's a function already in my OnFirstUIBefore function:


And according to the documentation IDS_IFX_STATUSEX_STATICTEXT_FIRSTUI is the string "The InstallShield Wizard is installing %P" for English.

I need the string located above that in the window...
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Level 3

-- Add these function prototypes to the top of your file --
// Prototype User32.dll system calls
prototype BOOL User32.SetDlgItemText( HWND, INT, BYVAL STRING );
prototype BOOL User32.InvalidateRect( HWND, RECT POINTER, BOOL );
prototype BOOL User32.UpdateWindow( HWND );

-- Use the following code segment in your function --
//[Declare the hWndStatus as a number or integer]
NUMBER hWndStatus;
SetStatusWindow(0, "");
Enable( STATUSEX );
hWndStatus = FindWindow( "", IFX_SETUP_TITLE );

if ( hWndStatus != NULL ) then
User32.SetDlgItemText( hWndStatus, 50, "ENTER YOUR STRING HERE!!!");
// Redraw the window so that the old "Setup Status" text won't overlap
// your new text.

User32.InvalidateRect(hWndStatus, NULL, FALSE);
StatusUpdate(ON, 100);

- Hope this helps,

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Level 7

Hi westhusing,
I need a help to support for Arabic language, My project type is InstallScriptMSI
I translated all text, during runtime text are displayed as ??????????
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Level 6

This is more or less the same problem I am having. Did you or anyone ever figure out how to make changes to this dialog?
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Level 6

Was able to work around the issues I saw.. see the related thread here:
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Not applicable

This link really helped me in solving the issue. Have a look. Hope it helps.

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Level 2

had a lot of help and sharing
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