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Unable to Uninstall (Error Number: 0x80040707)

I recently upgraded from InstallShield 12 to InstallShield 2010. The first InstallScript-based installer for our new product was built with v12. The first 'Differential Media' updater was built with v2010.

The updater operates as expected. However, once the updater has been installed, trying to uninstall produces the following error.

Unhandled Exception
Error Number: 0x80040707
Description: DLL function call crashed: ISRT._EnableDialogCache

Setup will now terminate.

The work-around is to install the 'Full' installer built with 2010 over the v12 full installer. Then it is possible to uninstall without getting this error.

Does anyone know of a way I can resolve this error somehow by making a modification to our next updater?

Thank you in advance,

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Level 3

I have the same issue on Installshield 2011. Similar process:
Main product was created using 2008. Updates created with that same version work fine. But the newest patch using Installshield 2011 does not uninstall.

If anybody (especially somebody from SUPPORT) has a workaround for this issue, please respond!

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