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Un-Installing application does not remove COM+ app DLLs from Component Services

I have an InstallShield 2014 project which installs our custom Component Services application fine. When I uninstall our application in Add/Remove Programs everything goes ok but the .dll files of our COM+ app are left behind. Then when I go to install a newer version of our application containing updated .dll files the new .dll files aren't written over the older ones.

Can anyone help?

The .dll files are not in use (all apps that use them are shut and even tried "Shutdown" on Component Services). Is there a setting or way in InstallShield 2014 that I can clean up these old dlls on uninstall. Any help much appreciated,

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Level 6

after uninstall of your product , did you check whether your COM+ Services are still left over in the below path

Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools\Component Services \Console Root\Component Services\Computers\My Computer\COM+ Applications

if your COM+ services are still left over here then this is dll files un-registration issue , COM+ dlls needs to be unregistered properly. I am not sure but seems like this is dlls un-register issue.

another precaution is that you need to check in services manager about corresponding service name before unregister the COM+ service.

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