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Un-Install asks Media,

Hi All,

I have a MSI Installer created using InstallShiled 2008, Installing I am not facing any problem, but while un-installing it asks for Media, with out media I could not uninstall. How to avoid this?

Some of the properties I have used while build are below:

Media Type: CD ROM
Release configuration : Un-compressed
Create Install Launcher: Yes
MSI Version: 2.0
Multi laguage support is also enabled.

Thanks in advance,
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That the package is uncompressed I am surprised to hear that MSI is prompting for the media.

What is the exact error message? Is it 1706? Log the uninstallation. There is much to be said about 1706...I'll dig up an older post that I made regarding that.

How many machines or users see this issue?

If the package is repaired (via Add Remove Programs) before uninstalling, does the package uninstall successfully?
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The prompt for valid source media, also seen as 'error 1706,' is a known limitation of the Windows Installer (MSI) engine version 2 (and while improved behaviour is seen with 3.x, it is still an issue). There are several resources which I would offer for further information on this topic:

Preventing a Patch from Requiring Access to the Original Installation Source -

These topics from the MSI FAQ page linked below
+ How can I prevent my patch from requiring the source?
+ When will patches require the original source?

How to Apply a Patch Without Source -

ERRDOC: Windows Installer Error 1706

Successfully authoring a patch -

FIX: Windows Installer Must Have Original Source Files When You Apply a Patch -;EN-US;Q268800

"Error 1706" error message when you use a feature that is set to Installed on First Use -;EN-US;Q258847

INFO: MSI Browse Functionality When Prompted for a Valid Source -

PRB: Error 1706 "No Valid Source Could Be Found" When Installing MSI File from Removable Media -;en-us;299803

You receive the "Error 1706" error message when you try to start Money -;en-us;873279

This article discusses applying the condition of Not Patch to the ResolveSource standard MSI action.
INFO: Using Properties in Conditions -

Managing Installation Sources -

How to programmatically update the source list for an installed Windows Installer package -

To help prevent this message you can utilize these InstallShield features:

  • in a Web media or compressed build, set the 'Cache Web Download' property to yes in Release settings
  • do not build a release with a single executable file (instead build an uncompressed release)
  • patch whole files instead of only the parts that have changed (the so-called binary update)
  • use 'Generate File Hash Values' in the Releases view property sheet
  • use the 'Use File Hash' attribute of the file's own properties in the 'Override System Attributes' section
  • condition the ResolveSource standard MSI action to not execute during the patch process
  • use "Favor Local" for the Feature property called "Remote Installation"

Is this same behavior seen in other projects?

However, there are some known instances that might be identified:

  • MsiFileHash table, file size of 0, zero -- remove and then readd the files to the project to populate the field with the correct value
  • Assuming that the request is being made to install a file from the original package the possible causes could be that
  • The file size is wrong in the MSI package
  • The file version uses companion files
  • The file that exists on the target machine has been updated. For non versioned files this could mean that the application stored some user data in a text file.
  • The file has an incorrect version in the file table.
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