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Level 5

Trying to use new Text File Changes View

I have managed to get my InstallScript MSI project to simply 'quit' part way through due to a possible bug in (or misuse of) the new Text File Changes View functionality.
I have an INI file that comes to me from the component developer that needs to have a path to another file 'corrected' based on INSTALLDIR. The original line looks something like this:
param01=...somestuff..C:\Work Space\Folder1\Folder2\dist\filename.ext
which is what I set up the search field to be
if I set up the replace to be:
everything was OK - but the actual destination path didn't have the '\dist' folder, so I needed to fix that.
When I changed the replace to:
things went haywire. As far as I can tell, the custom action call for the replace simply bombs out and the install simply quits. No rollback, no error message - it just simply terminates.
I have worked around my issue for now by manually fixing the INI file before consuming it. Changing the ini line to:
and setting the search to be:
and setting the replace to be:

I probably wasn't using the new feature as it was intended, but having it silently terminate after a partial install because I fed it something unintended isn't cool.
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Level 17

Did you apply this InstallShield 2010 SP1 hotfix posted in this thread?
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Level 5

Thanks - I had not. (Not sure why I didn't find that thread when I was looking before posting my original message - I have the worst luck when it comes to using forum search engines.)
That thread appears to describe my exact issue. If I don't follow up on this post, you can assume the hotfix took care of my issue.
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