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Trying to create a user account at install time

I'm having trouble getting InstallShield 2013 to create a Windows user account at install time without using logon dialogs. In my Basic MSI project, I've created the following properties in Property Manager as per the help documentation:

ISNetApiLogonUsername = [%COMPUTERNAME]\TestUser
ISNetApiLogonGroup = Users
ISNetApiLogonPassword = TestPassword

However, when I run my install, my new user account doesn't get created. Am I missing something?
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Level 10

It may be a doc issue, but if you look at the dialog box that you can use to create a new user account, the property names are:


It would make sense that they would be public properties so they could be specified on a command line.

Hope that helps.
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

If you follow the information in help topic you linked to, the user account should be created. If it isn't being created, we would recommend creating a verbose log of the installation. In the log, look for the ISNetApi* custom actions to ensure they are present and running. If none are present, the custom actions did not get added correctly when the ISNetApiLogon* properties were added to the Property Manager in the project. Try removing and readding the properties and then check the Custom Actions view to see if the actions are present and sequenced (enable the Show All Custom Actions option to see hidden actions).

After the ISNetApiInstall action in the verbose log, look for any log messages that could indicate the account could not be created. If the actions are running and do not log any indication of a failure to create the account, try running the project on another machine or try a test project on the failing machine to see if this could be a machine specific or project specific issue.

One thing to be aware of is password complexity requirements can prevent an account from being created on the machine or domain specified. Check to see if there are any policy settings in place on this machine or domain being used for minimum password complexity.
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