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Level 8


I am using IS 2011 Pro in an InstallScript MSI project, and doing some enhancements for a client.

Following the directions in the Help, I have created a custom action that calls the DetectIIS6Interfaces function in DetectIIS6Compat.dll, and then sets the MSI property ISIISMETABASECOMPATPRESENT. If IIS 6 Compatibility is installed, the propert is set to 1. If not, it is set to nothing.

I am checking the value ISIISMETABASECOMPATPRESENT at the midway point of the UI sequence (the InstallScript UI sequence in OnFirstUIBefore)

I know that in an InstallScript MSI project, the UI sequence is handled by the script. As a result, when I stick the custom action in the UI sequence (after LaunchConditions), the value of ISIISMETABASECOMPATPRESENT is always set to a value of nothing on a system where IIS 6 Compatibility is installed.

Where should I stick this custom action in the UI sequence in order to be able to check the value of ISIISMETABASECOMPATPRESENT in OnFirstUIBefore?
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Level 8

I abandoned the custom action idea and just called UseDLL and UnUseDLL to load the DLL, call the function, and then unload it.

This method works as expected.
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