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Trouble building MS Word Addin installer with InstallShield 2012 - it crashes

I have just used Visual Studio 2012 to build my first .NET MS Word 2010 addin.

(Previously I created all my addins as MS Office VBA projects - adn created an installer file using InstallShield successfully)

My addin has quite a lot of external references that get installed with it, so don't want to use ClickOnce.

I'm not sure if I've finalised everything I should in Visual Studio 2012 before running the InstallShield wizard (from InstallShield 2012 spring), but it crashes.

I chose the .NET project - is this correct?

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit. MS Office 32 bit.

If someone could provide me with a step by step guide to what I should be doing it would be much appreciated.

thanks Suzy
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Can you build outside of visual studio? Try setting up a new test project to see if you are able to get it to build. Try launching Installshield directly. Can you build in here?
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