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Level 3

Themes don't work in 2010

Im now having theme problems with IS2010. No matter what theme I select, it keeps the same one. Even when I edit a dialog, it never shows up like the ones I edit.
Here is what I want it to look like (default in IS2010)

here is what it shows up as no matter what I do;

This has to be a bug in 2010, is there a fix for this?


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Level 8

that second window you are showing is the Dialog called MsiRMFilesInUse, try editing that one to make any changes you want.

This dialog is now being used as of Windows Installer version 4.0
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Level 3

Thanks again for your help. I found the MSIFilesinuse dialog and edited it, but it appears as if it is using a different one then the one I edited. I am using windowsinstaller (msiexec) 5.x Here are the screenshots. I want to take away the ability to install without closing the app. I want users to close the open app before installing only.
Any ideas you can provide would be most appreciated (I will have to put your name in the credit of this app for all the help you provided 🙂 )
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