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The files for installation requirement could not be found - Network Image


I have a new Installer (MSI) with a Network Image as Media Format selected in the Release wizard.

Furthermore the prerequisites are selected to be extracted from setup.exe.

Now that solution worked perfectly fine on the first couple of PC's I tested it, but on another Windows 11 computer I get the issue that it fails to extract the prerequisite with the error message "The files for installation requirement xyz could not be found. The installation will now stop. This is probably due to a failed or canceled download".  The debug log simply states "Prerequisites returning 2" at the same point where it has e.g. "Extracting '{7F25CDD3-66BC-48FD-ACEC-FF243CCE1B59}.setup.exe' to C:\Users\MLUT~1\AppData\Local\Temp\{2D0AA520-5B34-4830-88DE-F61E0E3E0F00}\{7F25CDD3-66BC-48FD-ACEC-FF243CCE1B59}\setup.exe" on a working installation.

Any clues on why the extract would fail or how to gather additional information?

Best regards


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