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Level 4

TARGETDIR replaces dot with comma

in our installscript we have the general Information setting:

Product Name = Product 1.0
TARGETDIR = \company\

Everything works fine on most pc's but on some dutch pc's it installs to:
....\company\Product 1,0

A comma instead of a . in between the 1 and the 0.

The dutch do use a , instead of a . as a decimal seperator.
Why this is getting replaced in the instal , I'm not sure, and I realy dont want this, because all our shortcuts and start folder links are not made (probably because a , is not allowed in there)

Anyone have any suggestion to prevent this replacement?
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

There isn't anything in the InstallScript engine that would perform this type of change on any string. Can you replicate this behavior in a sample project that uses a similar product name?
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