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Level 6

System Requirements for better Performance?

Are their any hardware related tasks to help Installshield build faster? Our build servers currently are 8c/32gb machines, but wanted to know what installshield benefits the most from.

Our packaging ranges from 5 minutes to about 2 hours depending on the size of the package.
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Level 13

Just from experience I would suspect that using a fast SSD such as Samsung 970 NVMe would help. For us building the file table tends to take the most time, that and compressing the package into CAB files and finally into the .EXE we distribute.
When we switched from mechanical HHD to SSD we knocked significant time from our build time and we are still using old hardware that only supports 3Gb/s transfer rates. If your build system supports the NVMe format that is what I would go with today.
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