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Level 6

Suppress some warnings in build process


I am using IS Express. During the build process, some of the warnings are ignorable, such as:

ISEXP : warning -6525: The Custom Action xxx in the InstallExecuteSequence table is run from an installed file. It must be sequenced after the InstallFiles action. Ensure that the Custom Action is sequenced properly and that the base actions exists in the sequence.

Can I suppress this warning so that it will not appear again and again?



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Level 6

My custom action is put in "Uninstallation" section so though it will invoke an installed exe, it do not need to follow the rule. See "The only exception to the rule that a custom action that depends on a file being installed by the setup must occur after the InstallFiles action is when this custom action is run during uninstallation. In that case, the file has already been installed so the custom action does not have to occur after InstallFiles."

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