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Suppress/Hide the "instance selection dialog" for basic MSI from Installshiled 2010 project

Hi, When we doing the installation of Basic MSI project with multi-instance support, from 2nd time installation it shows the dialog box to choose option 1) select new installation or 2) upgrade existing instance installation. We have to hide/suppress this dialog box. I know there is command line option to suppress the instance selection dialog using command line argument /instance= given in the link:

But we have to make provision that user will never see this dialog box. We have created our own dialog box to to custom stuff related to upgrade or new installation. As user is getting confused with 2 dialog boxes for similar work. So we want to remove/hide this default dialog box by making change in the install shield project/script. As we have option in command line, so I think there should be some option in ISM project as well to hide this. Any help is really appreciably.

Thanks in advance.

Subhash Chand

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