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Level 7

Suite Wizard: Label displaying a Property isn't refreshing

Installshield 2013 Premier
Suite/Advanced UI Project


In the Installation Wizard of a Suite Project, I would like to display the value of a Property on a label.
But though the value of this property changes several times, the text of the label is changed only once (the first time the property changes).

The property is is changed at some events like OnBegin, OnPackageConfiguring... using a SetProperty-Action.
I added a label on the InstallationProgress dialog and set the Property-field of this label to the property I want to display.
During installation, the debuglog tells me that the value of the property repeatedly changes from "OnBegin"... to "OnEnd".
But the label is displaying always the text of the first property change (in my case "OnBegin"). After that, the text is never updated.

Where is my mistake? How can I do a "Refresh" on the label?

Thanks in advance.
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

I think this is actually an omission on our end. There's a separation between "engine" and "UI" that's the root cause of the problems here. Updating properties via the UI will update them in the engine and will also notify the rest of the UI about the change. However updates on the engine side (events are on the engine side) will not notify the UI about the change. This limitation is on our backlog to fix, but previously it hadn't been a very high priority. I'll see if I can raise the priority a little.

In the meantime, if there's any way to handle this on the UI side, or show your information differently, that's your best bet to ensure it is displayed correctly right now.
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Was this ever fixed? I’m trying to get the UI to refresh from an event on the engine side in a suite installer. Can you run an event in Ui mode?

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