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Suite-Property indicating product update, ProductVersion Property

(Installshield 2014 Suite-Project)


is there a Suite-Property that is set if and only if the Suite-Setup is performing an update?
Is there a Suite-Property containing the productVersion defined unter General Information?

At the Moment, I'm trying to set my Own Update-Property. This property is set if the uninstall key for the Suite in the Registry exists but has DisplayVersion lower than the Version specified under General Information. Now in the condition of the set Property Action, I have to reenter the product Version.

Thanks for your help,
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Level 13

I had to create my own property as well, but I did not have to include the version check.
The setup already has a version check for the suite package and my primary package and the suite package are always kept in sync. So if a newer version of my primary app is installed, then the setup will stop and tell me to uninstall.
I don't think I had to code anything special for that check.

I did have to do a registry lookup, like you described to just ensure that the primary package is installed, and I set a property, APP_IS_INSTALLED and set it to the application path.

Hopefully this helps.
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Level 4

Thank you Dan for your reply,
I have noticed, that a suite setup automatically performs an update if there is installed a previous version. We introduced the version check to inform the user, that an update will take place.
As to the ProductVersion property I was looking for, this property exists and can be used during the setup - it is only (to my knoledge) not documented in the suite property reference.
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Level 7

The ProductVersion property is in fact that "ProductVersion"
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