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install file A.config or file B.config, depending on TYPE of PC

I have two config files, A.config and B.config, only one of which should be installed. If installing on a regular PC, then A.config should be installed. If installing on an embedded PC, then B.config should be installed.

InstallShield itself cannot determine the type of device that I'm installing on - while it can deduce the O/S, this isn't sufficient as we can run any O/S from XP to Win 10 on the embedded PC as well as the desktop PC.

For other reasons, we detect the platform within the IS script itself by looking for the presence of a driver that is only installed on the embedded PC, thus, we know in the script which file we need to install from media.

What is my best option for implementing this using IS 2014?
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Level 7

I think you headed in the right direction already buy detecting a known driver on the embedded PC. You could also use the dependency scanner to look for the driver and then set a property based off that?
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