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Suite Installer Dialog buttons perform the actions for click event which get triggered, when it was in disable state

Project Type : Suite/Advanced UI

Installshield version : Installshield 2015 Premier Edition 

Scenario :

I have created Login dialog, which accept credentials from user and it has "Login" button along with next and cancel.

When user click on login button it will perform below actions

  • Disable the Next and Cancel button
  • Validate the Username and Password, prompt the appropriate message if validation failed
  • Perform the login operation
  • At last Enable Next and Cancel button

Issue :

When user click on login button and message box appear prompting validation is failed for username (i.e username text field is empty). Meantime if user click on next button which is in disable state, installer will start performing next button actions as soon as next button is enabled, for the click event happened in disable state. More on that it will perform next button actions of future dialogs too, if button was clicked multiple times during disable state 

In Short: Installer buttons perform the actions for click event which get triggered, when it was in disable state. Ideally once the button is in disable state it should not record any action perform during it's disable state

Please suggest 





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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Can you refer below KB (talks about disabling 'Next'button based on some condition) and see if it works for you

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I know the the LicenseAgreement dialog has similar requirement where Next button is disable until user accept the license, but in this case Next button action not get recorded performed during disable state and work as expected 

I follow the same steps for Login Dialog to enable and disable the next button based on property set by login button. Even the Next button get disabled when login button action is in process, but during this process if user click on disabled Next button, that action get recorded and performed once it enabled. 

I follow the link which you provided in your reply, but still the issue persists. In short for Next button disable is just gray out the button and record all the actions during disable state and perform once it get enabled 




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can't we disable the button on click of other button? is it limitation of IS 2015 for Suite project?

We can disable the button using option button and check box but not with next button click

Please confirm




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