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Submitting bugs and feature requests

So I had a crash with Installshield 2010 a few weeks ago. I wanted to report it. I couldn't find a link on the main webpage to submit an issue, but I saw there was an Account Login section. So I filled out for an account. I received an email back saying that I couldn't get an account because I had no maintenance license. I was told that if I wanted to submit a bug report, I would have to purchase a per incident support request and if it turned out to be a legitimate bug, I would be refunded! Is this not the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard?! I would think as a pure customer feedback improvement experience, they would welcome bug reports and feature requests.

Is this forum a mechanism for such reports and requests? If there is no other way to get information to Flexera, then this must be it. I've been a customer of Installshield since IS5; a long time. And yet there are things in the IDE that are still nuisances to this very day. Is this because there's no easy way to submit these type of requests?!!
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Can't really help, but just wanted to say that this is for sure one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard (from a software company).
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InstallShield development actively monitors this community. So please post the details to what you are seeing here.

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