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Stop/disable FLEXNET/Update Service

I have a virtual machine acting as build server for our software. On it I have both Installshield 2008 Pro and InstallShield 2013 LE Beta installed.

Upone testing one of the builds we do it turns out that there is something hogging down the machine. And this is without having gotten to the build step that actually involves InstallShield building the install packages.

So I look into Process Explorer and find that up to 50% of the CPU time goes to processes associated with FLEXnet and InstallShield update services.

How do I stop these from running?

I've even tried to kill off these processes by hand, but they are self-reproducing each other..

The FLEXnet Connect Agent alone is constantly at 10 to 40% CPU.

Best Regards,
Johan Ekdahl
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Level 9

Hi Johan,

If you click Start, Run, type msconfig, then click the startup tab, you can see FlexNet Connect program shown there. If so, uncheck that program, save and restart.

Please let us know if this did not help.

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