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Start menu folder is not removed after it was expanded

Hi to all!

We have the following problem with our installshield Basic MSI Project for Windows 7 64-bit only (probably the same with Vista 64-bit):

The installation creates a folder with shortcuts in Start menu as the following pattern: "Company\Product\Shortcuts". After installation completes we open Start menu, expand this "Company" folder, close Start menu. Then we uninstall product. The result is everything is removed but "Company" folder is not. If we expand "Company" folder we can see it is empty.

The key moment is expanding of "Company" folder. If we don't expand it then "Company" folder is removed during uninstallation.

Log files in both cases are the same. So probably the problem is related to Windows system of file/folder locking.

One more time: this issue takes place ONLY at Windows 7 64-bit. It works fine at Windows XP, Windows 7 x86.

And we can't uninstall "Company" folder manually because we have several products which can be installed under our "Company" folder. It will be overhead to write script for checking it. We are sure we can find a simplier solution. Please, help us with it.

Thank you in advance.
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Hey, we are experiencing the same issue, did you ever find a solution to an empty folder in the start menu that was expanded not getting uninstalled on Win7x64?
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