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Sqlexpress 2005 .prq question

Is it possible to make adjustments to the "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express SP2.prq" file in the C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2010\SetupPrerequisites folder.

I can get the following to work if I run via a batch file with the exact same switches.

When I adjust the .prq file, I don't receive any compile errors, but it just bombs out during the sql install when the setup runs.

I tried using the same switches to call SQLEXPR32.exe under the custom section after file downloads, but that doesn't compile correctly.

Am I missing something, or is this not possible.
I'm just trying to rename the sql instance and run silent ( doesn't matter if I see it on screen or not).

This is what I've done in the prq.

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Level 3

hmm...think i just figured it out.

After looking at some other posts, I found I needed to leave the SQLEXPR32.exe in it's own quotes, then put cmdline= before the arguments.

For example:

Hope this helps someone else out.
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