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Install one component before another in Installscript project


I have an InstallScript project which has one feature that has three components A, B and C. I would like to make sure that component C always being installed FIRST.

However, I cannot seem to find how to do this. In the SepUp Design, all the components are arranged alphabetically and I cannot move them around.

I have no previous experience with InstallShield. I did some search on the web. The only thing that came up is one discussion about arranging components in Product tree. However, I cannot seem to find Product Tree in either InstallShield 2009 and 2010.

Could someone please tell me how I can control the installing order of the components within a feature?

Do I need to use Installscript + MSI to do this?

Thank you very much,
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Hi user i am Thomas tell me something more about your posts....
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You could make sub-features inside the main feature and link a component to each one. Features can be placed in any order you want.
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