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Splash Screen High DPI Aware InstallScript Project


We are using InstallShield 2016 Premier and our project is InstallScript.

The project is set to use the small initialize dialog and we have a splash screen shown during initialization.  The issue is that the splash screen does not scale to the systems scale setting, e.g. 200%.  The rest of the dialogs all seem to be high DPI aware as they scale just fine.

Is it a current limitation that the splash screen when added to the Support Files/Billboard section is not high DPI aware?  Is there any way through the script to do this?



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Revenera Community Admin

Hi @kc2019,

Looks like you are asking a question specific to the InstallShield product. I've moved your question to the InstallShield product forum, where you will hopefully have your question answered by one of our community users. Going forward you can access the InstallShield forum by going to this link:



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InstallShield doesn't have DPI aware support for splash-screen though it has dialogs as DPI aware.There is already an enhancement request about this & can be tracked as IOJ-1751266.


But you can achieve this by getting current DPI settings and load different images(one image for 100%,one for 150%,one for 200%) via script/via property associated with that.

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Hi Jenifer,

At which point in the script would this be done, and is there an example on how to get the system DPI value?

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Hi @kc2019 ,

When to do this?There comes the real difficulty,since initialization dialog gets loaded on launching the setup.exe itself this might not be possible to achieve via custom steps too(Via property/Script) .I had given tries,dint work 😞

So as of now there is no way to achieve this!!

But just for your information:

You can try getting the DPI value by using the below registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontDPI LogPixels


96 for 100%,likewise you can change resolution and monitor this value.To retrieve registry key value use functions like


You can find example of this here:


As per the below article the name of Splash screen should be Setup.gif\Setup.bmp




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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your response.  I was afraid that it was the case it can't be done since it's during initialization that the splash is shown, and the OnBegin seems to be the first re-definable.

Hopefully this will be implemented soon.  The use of high resolution displays is becoming much more common.

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Hi @kc2019 ,


Sure,will keep you posted on updates of this issue.




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