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Small upgrade

I have made 2 releases of a software, a standard and a premium version. The only difference between the two releases is a different license file. So I've created a feature for each license file and used the release flags to build the two different releases.
Both setups have the same product- and upgradcode and also the same version number.
Now, if the standard version is installed and the setup of premium version is launched, I would like to have something like a small upgrade which replaces only the licence file. How do I have to do that? :confused:
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Re: Small upgrade

Change the package code, that's probably all you'll need to do. There's even some "Always generate new package code" option in the Releases view which you might want to set to Yes. Better don't set the license files as their component key files to suspend MSIs file versioning rules, else you might face the problem that always the latest (in terms of date for unversioned files I think) of both files remains and your small update only works in 1 direction.
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