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Simulate an installation with registry keys

Dear all!

I'm really wondering how an InstallScript Installer determines whether a software has already been installed or not!
Is it possible to "simulate" an installation by just adding some registry keys?

Here's what i want to do:

1. Create an InstallScript installer for the application XYZ with the ProductCode ABC.
2. Add some registry keys (I hope you can tell me which ones 🙂
3. Click on setup.exe and now the installer should recognize that the software has already been installed (even though it was not...)

(What i already tried is to install the application XYZ, export the uninstall key HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/{ABC} and then reimport it on a clean system. Unfortunately the installer did not detect the installation, so there have to be some more keys...)

Thank you for your help!
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Level 3

I'm not sure if you made a typo or are mistaken, but the keypath should be


Make sure that your project is setup in "Standard" maintenance mode. This will cause the uninstall wizard to appear when you click setup as opposed to the normal setup wizard.
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