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Install Shield 2009 "Path Variables"

Hello Everybody,

I am new to install shield 2009. Recently I got one install shield project from other location in my organization and when I opened that project on my build machine using install shield, it started giving me errors that "ISDEV : error -1024: File P:\CommonInstallers\InstallScripts\RunReportInstallers.vbs not found. Cannot stream the file into the Binary table"

Although above file was at the same location mentioned, therefore I have a question is there a way Install shield remembers the settings done in "Path Variables" on one machine and if open the same project with similar directory stucture on different machine.

Please let me know.

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Level 6

For our projects I try to keep everything using relative paths.

LIke my binaries will be stored in
or I use this for our common directory which is outside the project folder

This way you can use the environment on any machine
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Hello Lordmaxx,

Thanks for your response. Your answer clicked what I was unable to figure it out.

Reason, project unable to remember the enviornment is due to the virtual drive it was mapped having a path problem. After I rectified the virtual drive mapping, project remembered its old settings and it worked.

Great !!

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