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Silent installs and custom forums?


I’ve got the requirement to take an existing InstallScript MSI project adjust it so that it optionally installs silently for automated installations. My initial test projects seemed to work ok, but when moving to the product project I came across the problem of a custom forum that is displayed from a DLL used to create ADO connections to the product database. It seems that the silent install fails to read or input to this form and the silent install just stops.

Question #1: Is there a way to detect if the user is attempting a silent install? If so I can just not display that form and use some standard or hard code inputs.
Question #2: Is there a way read the input file contents or test its contents as the silent install is running? If so then I can embed my database setup in that file.

All suggestions are appreciated
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Flexera Alumni

Perhaps see the InstallScript help topic "MODE" for information on detecting silent mode.

(And for your own custom InstallScript dialog boxes, there are SdMakeName, SilentWriteData, and SilentReadData.)
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