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Silent Install and CAB file

We install a client side component with a silent install deployed via a CAB. The install is an MSI – InstallShield install built into a single EXE. The silent install has the response file in it and works perfectly from the command line with the “/s” parameter. It also works correctly when we run it from the CAB file in interactive mode.

We deploy the install in a CAB file. The execute line in the CAB .inf file looks like this:
run="""%EXTRACT_DIR%\install.exe""" """-s"""

When we run it you can see the install icon flash but it doesn’t install. I know it starts. The documentation says that there is supposed to be a log generated but no log is created – anywhere. We have the install working in previous release of our software with Wise installs and it works great. We are moving to InstallShield and this does not work as it used to. I realize this is a little off topic but any help would be appreciated. If I could get a log out of the install that would help tremendously. We are using 2011 Premier.

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