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Signing Issue

I have IS2013 SP1 installed on a VM (Win7 Professional x86) which is connecting to our network through my host connection. Our Verisign file is located on the network as multiple projects use this file. Normally, about 9 out of 10 ten times, I shutdown my VM so that when I go to build it's a fresh session. I dislike suspending the VM as I've had it corrupt an image before, long story.

Everytime I go to do a batch build I get the "Parameter is incorrect" error and none of my files are signed. Originally the link to the Verisign file was a mapped drive. I changed it to the actual network address and I still get "Parameter is incorrect". I literally have to relink them, as I have 3 releases I have to relink 3 times, and select the absolute path options and magically it finds the file.

General Annoyance #1:

When I go to relink the "Digital Certificae File" with the actual path I must do this twice. I select the browse icon double-click on the *.pfx file and select OK. I then select the last option, absolute path, and select OK. I then am prompted with the File Select dialog where I need to select the *.pfx file again. I then select the last option, absolute path, and select OK.

General Annoyance #2:

I must go through General Annoyance #1 for each release within a project. I must do this for every project. Coming from Suspend mode, Snapshot with VM powered on or off, and coming from general startup (using current image).

Granted this takes a few minutes but this bug is more than annoying since I must do it EVERYTIME FOR EVERY PROJECT AND EVERY RELEASE WITHIN A PROJECT. I cannot be the only one experiencing this but I'm not sure if it's a VMWare-only issue or if others are having it on their host systems.
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Level 6

I have to say that I use signing and I do not have this issue. I use Citrix VMs to do my builds however they are not brought to a fresh known image every time they are rebooted.

Is there a space in your path information? Try enclosing the setting in quotes. Hopefully, those quotes will be passed to signtool and the argument will be correct.
The UI bug however I have not seen. Note that I do not sign any files in the release but rather just the MSI and Setup files themselves.
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Level 7

The relinking issue I believe stems from using mapped drives. With Win7 there is an issue that the mapped drives don't connect immediately at startup due to network connection and Windows reports an error. I think it has something to do with that and how InstallShield tries to access the path. The past few releases this has stopped since using the absolute path and restarting the VM multiple times.

The double UI issue may also stem from using a mapped drive path rather than the absolute path also but I'm not sure. I'm debating to test this theory...
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