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Signature options of Release Wizard from command line

I am trying to create new releases from the command line, but I want to be able to specify the options from the release wizard at build time.  How do I do this?  When I specify a new release with IScmdbld is seems to use the default values for everything in the release wizard.  In particular, I want to specify MSI and setup.exe signing from the command line.

How do I accomplish this?  This is a continuous integration build, so I want the release name to be specified on the command line at build time, so I cannot pre-run the release wizard.

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 You can create a new new release just by passing the below parameter to iscmdbld.exe, Also please refer the below help link for more information:

EX: <Path to system folder>>IsCmdBld.exe -p "<Path to ism>" -r "IS_TEST" -a "Prod Config"


If you would like to set the sign output to setup.exe or msi, you can use the automation layer support to set this,


EX Code: 


sPath = "C:\InstallShield 2016 Projects\Test.ism"

Set pProject = createObject("ISWiAuto23.ISWiProject")

pProject.OpenProject sPath, True 

Set prodconf = pProject.ISWiProductConfigs("Product Configuration 1")

Set rel = prodconf.ISWIReleases.Item("Release 1")


rel.SignatureDescription = "test"

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