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Sign Media Digital Certificate, create pvk file

Apparently you can't do a web deployment with out checking the box next to sign media. I type in the URL, direct it to the PFX file I received from Go Daddy and type in the password, but it always says failed to sign certificate. I'm assuming I also need the PVK file. Everything I find online says you have to convert the PFX into a PVK with OpenSSL and a utility. I follow the instructions exactly and when I type in the command to conver the .PEM file to the PVK file nothing happens. No matter what I do. Anyone ever had any luck with this? Isn't there any easier way? All I want is to create a successful web deployment for my application but nothing seems to work. Has anyone ever done a Web Deployment for their application?
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Level 7

You should be able to produce a package without signing the files.

In InstallShield, select the installation designer tab then under step 6 select the releases view. Click on WebDeployment to highlight and select the signing tab. Under the option Sign Files in Package set this option to No. Additionally you can set the Sign Output Files option to None.

Once you have your output installation, you can worry about signing the software outside of InstallShield. InstallShield uses the signcode.exe located in the following location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2013\System\signcode.exe
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