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Setup.exe seems to run old MSI

Sometimes when I run a newly built setup.exe, it seems to be installing old files - i.e. files from the last setup.exe, not the new setup.exe.  I don't think this happens all the time, just on some systems. Is there something in installshield/msi that gets confused and runs a cached or archived MSI?

Also, my installer ALWAYS uninstalls the previous version before installing - but I don't want it to.  I've different variations of upgrade configurations and I can't get it to just overwrite/upgrade an existing installation.

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Hi @datarocker ,


 It looks like you have created a major upgrade of your product, hence the previous version is getting uninstalled while installing the new version. Major upgrade uninstalls the previous version and install the new version. More information on major and minor upgrade can be found at the below link :


And, there is a setting under "Releases view" -> Setup.exe for "Cache MSI Locally". See the behavior by changing the value to "No" if the setup.exe picks the old msi in case.



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