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Setup.exe prerequisite conditions

For pre-requisites, I can specify a particular OS condition by the major version, minor version, etc. I can add multiple conditions to specify multiple OSs

Is there a way to specify a minimum OS level for a particular pre-requsisite, so the check will run for everything above and including a particular OS, but not anything below it.
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Level 13


I am assuming that you are talking about the .PRQ files that we use with .MSI and .ISSUITE packages.
Yes, you simply add additional OS requirements.
There are cases where this can be rather tricky because of service packs for Vista and Windows 7.

I thought there was a way to specify support for let's say windows 8.1 and newer but I don't see how to do that now and I could be confusing this with some other type of install element. I know I can do this with InstallShield Suite packages.
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