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Setup.exe and MSI differ between two machines

Using the same version of IS Spring 2012 on both my machine and the build server. My machine is Windows 7 64-bit. The build server is Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition 32-bit. No errors or warnings when building on either system. Here's a specific example. This is an MSI type of project.

My SETUP.EXE, when it installs one of the Pre-Reqs thinks the pre-req install failed (even though it didn't) and if I cancel and run SETUP.EXE again it goes into the Remove/Repair of that pre-req (telling me again it is installed) and if I choose Repair and that finishes fine then SETUP.EXE again says it failed do I want to continue anyway (paraphrasing). The SETUP.EXE from the build server doesn't think this pre-req fails.

The pre-req is called Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Management Objects 10.50.3720.0 (x86). Other pre-reqs don't behave like this, like Adobe Flash and others, just this one.

My ISM is an x86 install package, not x64 only.

My MSI also has some subtley different behavior. Insidious, really.

Any ideas?
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Make sure that the installation conditions that you have defined for the InstallShield prerequisite in question are satisfied after it is installed on the target machine. For example, if you have a condition to run the prerequisite when the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Foo registry key does not exist, the specified registry key needs to be created after the prerequisite is installed.

Hope that helps.
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You missed the point. The SETUP.EXE from the build server works fine, but not from my local machine. Same InstallShield version. Same ISM. Any thoughts with that in mind?
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