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Setup.exe 64bit


I'm developping a pure 64-Bit Installation (Basic MSI) with Installshield 2018.

I'm very surprised but it seems that the setup launcher (setup.exe) is a 32bit application !

It's a real problem when you know that we can find now some 64bit OS without 32 bit support (Catalina Mac OS with Wine or Windows OS).

Where I am wrong ?

Other question, what's ARPProduction.exe (32bit application) ? We can find this executable in launcher resources.


Best regards

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Please take a look at selecting the appropriate type of architecture validation for your builds at the link below. Setting this value to "strict" in your project will allow installshield to attempt to create a pure 64bit installer depending on your project settings.

This should hopefully answer your question.

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I agree with you about msi file but i'm talking about setup.exe launcher.

Some screenshots to validate my configuration.

And what about  "ARPPRODUCTICON.exe" (32bit) ? We can find this application as binary in Icon table in the msi ?

Thanks for your help

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Currently Installshield's 64-bit support is with 32-bit launcher only.Support for pure 64-bit support with 64-bit launcher is item to be picked up in future.

ARPProduction.exe entry is the one which you could find as an entry in Icon table as well which is used to create default icon for MSI.The entry can be Icon.ico or Icon.exe,but i dont think it is a separate exe file from InstallShield.




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Hi @Jenifer ,


Any idea when the setup.exe process will be 64-bit in a pure 64-bit installation project?

It is a real pain in the ass having the setup.exe process still as a 32-bit process in these times.

With all the projects we develop we made the switch to 64-bit already a long time ago, but we still need to build the dll's used by the installer during installation time into 32-bit!

Every new release of Installshield I'm looking to the new features to see if this is finally supported but still nothing.


What is the reason to not foresee a 64-bit setup.exe launcher?

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no news ? Does it exist a roadmap ? 

Catalina is full 64bit. Tomorrow, everybody can turn off 32bit support with Windows 10.

It would be urgent right now ...


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Hello @Christoph,

We are currently working on providing pure 64-bit launchers for setup executables (Basic MSI and Suite) in our upcoming release - InstallShield 2020 R1 which is tentatively targeted for Q2 '20.


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Finally my patience will be rewarded! 😉

I'm looking forward to it.

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