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Setup does not wait for PreRequisite to complete before checking the condition again

When running a setup that contains one ore more prerequisites that were built with InstallShield 2016, immediately when the first prerequisite starts installing, the 'Installation of xxx has failed. Continue with setup?' dialog is shown.

I've found that this is caused by the fact that the prerequisite setup now clones itself and launches that clone. While there may well be valid reasons for doing so, one would expect that the original behavior would be maintained and that the cloning setup would wait for the cloned setup to complete, before returning.

Although the /clone_wait command-line option can be added in each of my .prq file, there's no valid reason for introducing such a breaking change. It also requires to rebuild each setup that contains an updated prerequisite, where we used to be able to silently update them and just ship a new version along with an existing setup.

Also, when using /clone_wait, the dialog with the prerequisites that require installing, is closed when the /clone_wait-prerequisite completes.

Is there another way to make setups wait for the clone they (might) create?
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Level 2

Just curious as to whether you ever got this resolved, and if so, what as the resolution?
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