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Setup created with Installshield 2018 Express doesn't upgrade all versions from "Upgrade Paths"



I use InstallShield  2018 R2 Express to create setups for the application I'm working on.

It all worked nice until the last setup I created. 

The problem I'm facing is that new setup doesn't upgrade all the versions listed in "Upgrade Paths", but when installed from scratch it works as expected.


When installed over the older version, installation goes smooth, but when app is started, it runs in previous version. In control panel it states that new version is installed, but application runs in old one. For some of the version from Upgrade Paths it works nice.

There is no two instances of the app created.

All the upgrade paths are created on same way, created from previous setup.exe file with same Upgrade Code, and for every version Product Code is changed.

In InstallShield Express there isn't really much option able to configure, so I really don't know what to change anymore.

Tried to get some info from setup logs, but that didn't help me. I don't know what to look for.


Anyone experienced something similar?

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