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Setting up service Username/Password at install time

I am using a Basic MSI project to install a service that requires the run time logon credentials to be set at install time. The Username/Password are set into variables ([IS_NET_API_LOGON_USERNAME] and [IS_NET_API_LOGON_PASSWORD] resp.) via a dialog during the install process.

I have set the project service settings Username/password to use the same variables above. The password however is displayed as a row of asterisks but looking into the Service Install table I can see this is set to use my password variable.

The install complains that it can't start the service. On inspection I can see that the Username has been set correctly but I suspect the password is wrong. My suspicion is that it is interpreting [IS_NET_API_LOGON_PASSWORD] literally because if I hand edit the service password to the correct value the service starts.

Has anyone encountered this before and have a work-around for this password setting problem?
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Resolved this - it wasn't a problem with the password afterall. The service logon credentials I was using did not have "logon as a service" right. Fixed this and then it all worked fine.
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I'm trying to set service Username/Password from variables ([IS_NET_API_LOGON_USERNAME] and [IS_NET_API_LOGON_PASSWORD]. But it's throwing me error while installation. Could you pls. help to set service Username/Password with property instead of hardcoded value?

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