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Set version number from VS resource

Hi, I actually have 2 Questions:

We are a group of developers who use VisualStudio 2010 and have a lot of projects where people need to sometimes quickly need to make new setup files. We use subversion too for version control and want to find a new installer. Right now I'm using the eval verion to find out if InstallShield is the right tool.

i) Can I / (how can I ) set the 'Product Version' to the Version Number I have in a Project Resource File in the Solution I'm working in?
Or set other General Information from different sources. xml files resource files and so on

ii) Can I build basicMSI's I have created with the ProVersion with Express Versions or does everyone in my team need the same license?

thx for tips and help
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Level 2

one question came up too:
Is it possible to use only relative paths, instead of
"C:\Projects\XY\Binary\Debug\sample.exe" I want something like

my installer project being in

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