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Set global properties during installation are not changed

Set properties issues
We have 2 problems which i faced:
1. during installation we define specific global property that will indicate when value is='FE' to show FE features in custom and when value is='BE' show features relevant to BE features.
When This global property value is BE all BE features are shown in custom dialog, 
but when it's global property value is FE custom screen still shows the BE features and not FE features.. 2. When define set property through custom actions and sequences,
during installations when doing:
'Do Action' seems it's triggered by always return 1 and not 0
all documented in installation log. (over there log mention value changed as needed but not actually changed) Please advice. install shield version: 2016 - professional edition
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Flexera Alumni

Hi @michaelb ,


Hope you are already defining a property under property manager which you had mentioned as "is" here.Can you tell us how are you showing features based on property been set?

Giving steps in more precised way can help us support you in better way.If possible attach logs here.




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Hi Jennifer,

Please see below steps to re produce:

1. define new feature1 

2. define new feature2

3. define global property ISINSTALLFEATURE1, with initial value = 0.

4. Define new dialog which show 2 radio buttons: install feature1 and the second radiobutton is install feature2.

5. if radiobutton set to installfeature1 ISINSTALLFEATURE1 set to 1 otherwise set to 0.

6. expected: when ISINSTALLFEATURE1 = 1 feature1 should be installed but not actually (seems like it consider only at initialization of the installation)

Am i right?

later on, i read about it:

so i tried it, seems i need to use SetInstallLevel during runtime but then i faced another issue:

Please see below steps to re produce:

1. define new feature1  with installlevel 2

2. define new feature2 with installlevel 3

when i set INSTALLLEVEL  to 1 non of the features will be installed, when INSTALLLEVEL = 2  eature2 will be checked to be install,  when INSTALLLEVEL = 3  feature2 & and feature3 will be checked to be install, 

how can i verify in this case only feature 3 will be install?


what if i have 6 features 1 TO 6 and i want to install only 2-4-5 for example?

how can i determine eventually during run time install 1 feature or the second one or both using INSTALLLEVEL or GLOBAL properties.



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Any suggestions?
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