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Set file associations to a 32-bit application for Win10 x64


Does anyone know exactly which registry keys etc. have to be set inside an msi to get file associations to work properly on Windows 10 Enterprise x64?

I notice that there doesn't seem to be much documentation/guidance available online regarding file associations for Windows 10 - at least setting them manually - why PS can't do this at this point in time (at least to the best of my knowledge) - I don't know.

The methodology that works for Windows 7 doesn't work - and following the guidelines here - even allowing for the WOW6432Node variations - doesn't seem to work - at least for me.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
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Level 4

Found it.

Created handler key in HKCR.
Created key under HKCR referencing Handler with correct path to exe.
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